Understanding our Invoices.

We advertise our prices inclusive of VAT so you know exactly what you are paying us.

However, UK law requires us to show VAT on our invoices, and this can become confusing.

This short article is designed to better explain the position better.

Charging Basis

Allegiant charges on the overall gross compensation awarded. Let’s use the following example:

Gross Benefit Awarded £1,000.

25% of £1,000 = £250.

So, our invoice should total £250.

What we show on our invoices

Of the £250 due to Allegiant, Allegiant will need to pay HMRC VAT at 20%. This means Allegiant retains £208.33, and HMRC receives £41.67.

By law, HMRC requires us to split our invoice down so customers can see how much VAT is being paid to HMRC.

Our invoice must accordingly show our fees as follows:

Our professional fees     £208.33

VAT at 20%                       £41.67

Invoice Total                    £250.

As you will see from the above, the invoice total remains £250, which is 25% of the £1,000 awarded.