Allegiant Finance Services joins the Alliance of Claims Companies

Allegiant Finance Services joins the Alliance of Claims Companies

Together, we’re better. 

Allegiant Finance Services is delighted to announce that it has been accepted into the membership of the Alliance of Claims Companies after a meeting between our management team and the Alliance of Claims Companies’ Simon Evans.

The Alliance of Claims Companies (ACC) was founded in September 2015 and is a collective group of Claims Management Companies, working together to promote fair customer outcomes.The ACC was formed to promote best practice and excellent customer service across the claims management sector and to ensure consumers receive redress where they have been let down or mis-sold by their bank, lender or service provider.  See:

Our customers can be sure we are a well connected, industry relevant claims management company with a commitment to driving up standards across the sector. We subscribe and abide by the ACC’s Guiding Principles.

The Alliance of Claims Companies Guiding Principles.

Members of the Alliance of Claims Companies should:

1) Be authorised by the Claims Management Regulator (or the Solicitors Regulation Authority in respect of solicitors firms) to conduct claims management activities
2) Adhere to all statutory rules, regulations and codes of conduct for claims management companies.
3) Adhere to relevant guidelines, principles and Codes of Conduct for better regulation and consumer protection.
4) Adhere to the principles of treating customers fairly.
6) Adhere to the BBA’s Letter of Authority principles.
6) Be able to demonstrate that they have clear and transparent fees and charging structures for consumers who use their services.
7) Participate in discussions, forums and/or exchanges regarding topics affecting the ACC and the claims management industry, when required.
9) Provide information (where necessary) to promote the wider interests of the ACC and its members and to enable the ACC to monitor compliance with these principles
10) Members of the Alliance of Claims Companies should NOT:
a. Charge up-front fees to consumers for any service in respect of PPI mis-selling
b. At the time of joining the ACC, be under investigation by a regulatory or trade body
c. Act in any way which may bring themselves, the ACC or the wider industry into disrepute.

Jemma Marshall, Managing Director commented, “It is a sad reality that not all Claims Companies are equal. Whilst advertised services can look the same, there can be a real variance in service levels, fee structures and back-end approach. It can often be hard for a consumer to distinguish a good Claims Management Company from a bad one. By applying to and being accepted into the ACC, we hope to further fortify our market standing as a Claims Management Company that does the right thing.”

About Us

Allegiant Finance Services is an original pioneer in the payday loan claims market and prides itself on the lowest fees in the sector. The business operates on a no cold calling, no spam and no indirect lead generation philosophy. Our customers come to us.